Hubert Kowalewski and the ART team would like to take this opportunity to offer our sincere congratulations to Fabian Weber (Fafa) and Eva-Maria Mauz for their excellent wins in this year’s German treeclimbing championship in Iserlohn.

In the months leading up to the competition, Fafa has been training and working intensely and exclusively with the SpiderJack 3 and the RopeGuide TwinLine. The masters gave him the opportunity to demonstrate his enormous skill with these devices, and with tree climbing in general. It is a great pleasure for us, that these new ART products could contribute to his win. Fafa’s supremely dynamic and skilled masters- climb has proved once again, that ART products are not just for the highest grade of daily tree work, but also for tree climbing competitions at a world-class level.

SpiderJack climbers have placed at the top levels of the International Tree Climbing Competition for several years now; most recently Barton Allan-Hall took home the silver medal from the 2016 ITCC climbing with the SpiderJack 3. The release of the RopeGuide TwinLine allowed Fafa to show and use very efficient and skillful techniques, which were not possible in that way until now. If skill, innovation and technique come together, there is success!

Hubert Kowalewski and his team